Rubicon LED Headlamp 3AA - Auto-Dim - 250 Lumens

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  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Product Code: Rubicon LED Headlamp 3AA - Auto-Dim - 250 Lumens
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Our Rubicon headlamps and flashlights are purposefully crafted to offer brighter and more consistent light. They pair top-quality Cree LEDs with proven optics technology developed during Bushnell’s 65-year history. The innovative Total Internal Reflective (TIR) optic prism collimates light for increased distance and visibility, while the Cree LEDs provide bright, consistent illumination throughout the beam. With a regulated circuit that delivers consistent brightness throughout the useable life of the battery and battery saving lock-out to prevents accidental battery use you can expect high battery performance from the 3AA. All Rubicon lighting is constructed with an aircraft-grade aluminum housing and meets IPX-4 water resistant specifications. Certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), each light has been tested for light output, beam distance, impact resistance (at one meter), protection against water penetration and run time.


1 250 Lumens + 312 Lumens boost feature + Top-quality Cree LEDS
2 Advanced auto dimming feature automatically adjusts from long distance brightness to dim light for close viewing
3 Advanced Bushnell T.I.R. optic with collimated beam technology
4 Dual output: spot for long range, flood for wide proximity lighting + Rear mounted external battery for extra-long runtime
5 Red Halo low-lumen mode designed to enhance sight without compromising natural night vision

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